Spanking Naughty Girls, Lesbian Style

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spanking naughty girls

Most people think spanking naughty girls is some sort of privilege for men, but they can’t be more wrong. In fact, there is a lot more butt punishing going on in lesbian circles, in my opinion. I have a series of spanking videos and pictures to prove that. Just click the sample pic above to get access to the rest. Enjoy tons and tons of bad and good girls, all looking mighty fine, getting disciplined by even prettier babes. Nylons, panties, bare bums: it’s all there. Spanked over the knee or bent over and caned, these chicks show no mercy and all they really want to see is glowing red butt cheeks.

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Red Beaten Buns

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bare butt spanked

Would you look at those lovely red beaten buns? Isn’t that a brilliant view? This chick has been severely spanked and her mistress likes to show off her work to the camera. She is proudly pulling down her victim’s pink panties. The owner of those red buttocks got bare butt spanked, with the use of a wooden paddle and she didn’t like it very much. Screaming and squirming she tried to escape the torture device, but her mistress wouldn’t let her. It doesn’t need to end here for you, since we have the full story inside, complete with HD images about how she got that painful butt.

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Evil Teacher Loves Spanking Naughty Girls

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spanking naughty girls

Math tutor Chris has a special reputation. He is known as the school’s evil teacher, because he isn’t afraid of using the paddle to slap in some discipline. His students in the all-girl institute where he works all fear him and his wooden torture device. They realize he loves spanking naughty girls, so most of them wouldn’t even dare to rebel against him. New girl Aisha didn’t know about his rep and thought it’d be funny to throw a paper at his head. Chris didn’t hesitate and he got out his paddle. Aisha was shocked, but still a bit relieved when she got spanked in jeans, but the mad math man was about to strip down her pants and give it to her good.

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Girls Getting Spanked From The Belt

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girls getting spanked

Anne is a Manhattan broker and she has a strictly rich clientele. She works hard and she makes big money for her clients. She expects a certain moral and wants her money on time, no exceptions are made. When one of her customers refused to pay, even after several phone calls, Anne got out of her Wall Street office. She doesn’t leave her building a lot, so her client was about to see a furious stock broker. Anne showed up at the client’s home address and asked, politely yet firm, what was going on. Didn’t she make her millions last year? Did she go bankrupt without her knowing about it? It seemed to be a matter of nonchalance, but Anne wasn’t satisfied with that little story. She grabbed that poor blonde and pushed her over the desk. She was about to teach that slut a little lesson. Her belt was going to leave its mark in that rich slut’s butt cheeks. Bad girls are getting spanked, even when they are filthy rich. This one will pay her bills on time from now on, there’s no doubt about that.

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Stripped And Spanked

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stripped and spanked

Trisha doesn’t mind spanking naughty girls. In fact, she feels that most girls deserve a good slap on the butt now and then. Future generations need to realize that life isn’t all about pleasure, there is some work involved as well. And let’s not forget the rough side of things: accidents, losing your job or being broke… Things aren’t always that easy. So when a youngster doesn’t play by the rules, Trisha will not hesitate and get them stripped and spanked. Bottoms up and hands down, they will get slapped and disciplined just as long as it takes. Make sure you check out Trisha’s shitload of spanking and caning movies after the click!

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Firm Hand Schoolgirl Spankings

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stripped and spanked

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