Stripped And Spanked

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stripped and spanked

Trisha doesn’t mind spanking naughty girls. In fact, she feels that most girls deserve a good slap on the butt now and then. Future generations need to realize that life isn’t all about pleasure, there is some work involved as well. And let’s not forget the rough side of things: accidents, losing your job or being broke… Things aren’t always that easy. So when a youngster doesn’t play by the rules, Trisha will not hesitate and get them stripped and spanked. Bottoms up and hands down, they will get slapped and disciplined just as long as it takes. Make sure you check out Trisha’s shitload of spanking and caning movies after the click!

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Firm Hand Schoolgirl Spankings

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stripped and spanked

I am going to let you in on one of my biggest secrets. I wasn’t planning on sharing this with any one, but I am going to make an exception for you. When you love spanking naughty girls and firm hand schoolgirl spankings, I got a great deal for you. All you have to do is click through and start the tour. You can access a massive vault containing nothing but the best corporal punishment on high definition video and high resolution pictures. It’s the only site I frequent and it’s updated on a weekly base. It has an endless list of material and it’s all top notch quality.

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Bare Butt Spanked

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bare butt spanked

Layla has it all: a great body with a nice round ass and a couple of big jugs to die for, a killer job and a cool man. But she risked it all when she decided to start flirting with a colleague the other day. It didn’t take long before her man heard the rumors and it’s a little understatement to say he wasn’t very pleased with it. When Layla got home the other day she could read it in his eyes she was up for trouble. She got put over the knee, her panties pulled down and bare butt spanked… hard. And although it wasn’t exactly a good feeling, she felt comforted by the fact that her man cared enough to get her a warming ass beating. She didn’t flirt with that man again, but she’s been a fan of ever since.

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Slutty Teacher Loves Belt Spanking

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bare butt spanked

English teacher Katy feels more like a mistress, instead of a teacher. Her weapons of choice are the cane and the whip, but when she really has to choose she’ll definitely pick the belt. A nice leather one will leave the most beautiful marks on her victim’s ass. She kept her passion hidden for a long time, but when one of her students entered the classroom in white fishnets and high heels, she felt the urge popping up. That little bitch would feel the belt on her virgin ass and she wasn’t going to waste any time. After the lesson she called her future victim and lured her in to a nasty word fight. The rebellious girl got pushed on the desk by her teacher, who pulled up her panties and let her feel the belt. She got her bare butt spanked and didn’t even have the time to realize why. Click through to see the full story!

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Lesbian OTK Spankings

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spanking naughty girls

Carla’s lover was in a furious mood, when she saw her much younger girlfriend kissing with a boy. They have an open relationship, but she never had men in mind when they decided to loosen things up. She dreamt about threesomes and lovely girls joining in to spice up their sex lives. She couldn’t stand seeing her woman with a male. It made her mad. So she pulled Carla by the hair, ripped off her skirt and gave her a good OTK spanking. She didn’t even take the time to rip off her black nylons. She just slapped away. Her hand marks were burnt in there, despite the fact that Carla was wearing those nylons and a pair of knickers. That’s some serious firm hand spanking.

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Screaming Student Girls Getting Spanked And Caned

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girls getting spanked

Traditional teachers will always love corporal punishment, whether it’s handed out through the use of a belt, a cane, a stick or just plain bare hands. They know it works and they will seek for occasions to use it. Even today, where it’s prohibited in 99% of the schools, there are still old skool teachers who will spank and cane their students. They love the look of those red buns. They love the sound of that bamboo cane hitting those buttocks and the sounds of their victim, squirming and screaming for mercy. It’s the smell of power, the smell of discipline. Click through for our schoolgirl spanking galleries. You won’t be disappointed!

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